Benefits of Prefinishing

  • No weather delays
  • No waiting for painters to show up
  • No lost production time
  • Instant curb appeal

Factory application is a process that assures a longer lasting and higher quality job that traditional "on site" applications.  The material is coated in a factory controlled environment to provide maximum beauty and protection.

Prefinishing Services

No matter if it is priming, staining, or custom prefinishing, we can do it at Triad Prefinish & Lumber Sales, Inc.  Having material coated in a factory provides an economical way to have material coated of four sides prior to installation.  Prefinishing eliminates the problems of shrink lines, lap marks, streaking and over spray.

Factory finishing before siding is exposed to weather and ultraviolet sun rays is the best way to protect your siding investment. Finishing the backside of the substrate helps to provide dimensional stability which prevents warping, cupping, checking and shrinkage.

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